From project to result

Giraf Results: Project management agency for the environment and sustainability in Utrecht

Our team

Jan van Dijk

Jan van Dijk (1962) graduated as a food technologist at the University of Wageningen. He has a background in business administration, marketing, process technology and (bio)chemistry. 


After gaining more than 20 years of experience in the implementation and management of project-based work, Van Dijk founded his own company Giraf Results in 2008. The bureau's main task: to guide clients in carrying out projects in the field of the environment and sustainability. 

Alix Reichenecker

Alix Reichenecker (1990) graduated in International Development Studies at the University of Wageningen with a focus on waste management.

Alix has a background in social and political sciences and is fascinated by technological innovations in the waste sector. Due to her international background and her experience abroad,


Alix is good with people and can easily adapt to different environments. She is reliable, well organized and can work independently with ease. Alix has a hands-on approach that is both service and result oriented.

Giraffe Results: our name

The giraffe, the symbol of Giraf Results, underlines our agency’s broad, international sphere of activities. The length of the giraffe's neck stands for the overview provided by working broadly.


The giraffe in our logo is green, because our company focuses on sustainability in particular.


Lastly, we also wanted to share these applicable associations with you:

  • the giraffe is elegant in its movements, is alert and listens carefully

  • the giraffe has no natural enemies and can bat lions away with its hooves, for instance

  • the pattern on its coat means the giraffe is well camouflaged

  • the giraffe only needs half an hour’s sleep a night

What's it’s all about at Giraf Results?

In short, our name says it all: for us, it's all always about the results in the end. Aren't you the same way? When planning the project, we like to discuss the opportunities for incorporating a common interest into achieving the final result.

The future plans of Giraf Results

In the next few years, we are set to expand Giraf Results into a professional project management agency, with clients effectively and efficiently working on progression in the field of the environment and sustainability.


Vraag over naam

Why are you called Giraf Results?

Waarom dit bedrijf

Why would I call on Giraf Results?

Wat zijn de toekomstplannen

What are your plans for the future?

Wie is de oprichter

Who established Giraf Results?